Bariatric Surgery Follow-up Clinic

The Hôpital du Sacré-Coeur de Montréal offers a follow-up clinic service to all patients who underwent a bariatric surgery procedure.

This clinic takes place every two weeks. You will be able to meet one of the four surgeons who practice bariatric surgery procedures, and they will monitor and help you manage your weight-loss process.

Should a radiology follow-up or an appointment with the dietician be necessary, specific time slots are allocated for these services so that you do not have to come back at a further date for another appointment.

You will be able to communicate at any time with Martine Goulet nurse specialized in Bariatrice Suregery, the bariatric clinic coordinator. Given her competent expertise,the nurse will be able to direct you to the appropriate care, either a consultation with the surgeon, a visit at the radiology department, or a follow-up with the dietician.

Bariatric follow-up clinic:
Phone: (514) 338-2222 Ext: 3666


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